Monday, March 26, 2012

Zurich 1953 Candidates Tournament by David Bronstein

This book is one of those timeless, best ever works on chess, being a high-level look at one of the world's top tournaments. 

All 210 games from the greatest tournament since World War II. Smyslov, Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky, Petrosian, 10 others; perceptive annotations by Bronstein. Algebraic notation. 352 diagrams. Double Round. (Actually written by Boris Vainstein, with Bronstein’s help. Paul Keres was forced to lose two games to Smyslov, so that Smyslov could win the tournament. Bronstein said this was a treatise on the middlegame.

 This book is one of three of GM Yasser Seirawan’s favorite books. Jeremy Silman wrote, “Deep strategic explanations of the King's Indian, Nimzo-Indian and Sicilian abound. The personalities of these chess legends are soaked into every page. Magical combinations take our breath away and profound endgames keep our attention glued to every move. If you combine all these things with an exciting battle for first place (it almost feels like you're at the tournament watching the event take place), you might begin to realize just how special this book really is…if you don't buy and read this fantastic book you will be doing yourself a great injustice…this is simply the greatest tournament book ever written and it deserves to be in every self-respecting chess library

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