Monday, August 13, 2012

MonRoi Personal Chess Manager

      This is a hand-held, wireless device for recording, storing and reviewing of chess games that carries a  $359 price tag.
      The Mon-Roi enables players to electronically record, store and view their games and relay moves to the Professional Tournament Manager (PTM) if one is being used at the tournament.
       Part of their advertising asks, “…ever discover you’ve made a ridiculous mistake on your paper scoresheet, and have to consult your opponent’s? Then, after looking at it, you find you’re unable to decipher his or her distinct scrawl? Perhaps, your own penmanship leaves something to be desired. Maybe you get so engrossed in your games that you forget to notate 3 or 4 consecutive moves somewhere in the middle, or simply write the wrong move when under stress due to time pressure, nerves, etc. If so, you’re certainly not alone.”
       I guess everybody has done this at some time, but when I was an OTB player the problem never reached such proportions that I felt the need to spend $350 to overcome it.  The device is also touted as “a great timesaver when it comes to preserving one’s games on the computer for later analysis and training purposes.”  It has no chess engine.
       If you play in a tournament that uses the Monroi Tournament Manager Hub device, then your device transmits your game wirelessly in real time to the hub, which can publish it to the Internet or just keep a record of all the tournament games played in range. If there's no hub being used by the TDs, you're not being recorded. 
      Short is a $350 replacement for a pen or pencil. On the other hand if you just like gadgets and have some money to micturate away, this is a great way to do it.

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