Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chess Software

This book is a MUST HAVE for Chessbase product users!!  The back cover says:

Even basic chess software packages now usually have numerous interesting features and working out how to use these effectively is no easy task. Many players simply use a
playing program to practice against and a database program just for storing and replaying games. Yet there is very much more that can be achieved with such packages and this book will show you how the experts do it.
…Learn powerful techniques for organizing and managing your chess data
…Discover proven, effective methods to study the middlegame and endgame
…Learn how to most effectively harness the power of a chess engine
…Analyze efficiently your own strengths and weaknesses
      Authored by Byron Jacobs, Jacob Aagaard and John Emms Jacobs, this book is packed with advice on how to study all facets of the game.  You will learn a LOT about how to manage databases and work more effectively studying openings.  Particularly useful is Chapter 3 where GM John Emms shows how to use a database of your own games to discover your strengths and weaknesses.
      Aagaard tells you how to use software for training and study an opening so that you will understand the ideas behind it. There is also a chapter devoted to endgame training, especially valuable is advice on how to use methods of endgame study that have been advocated by Mark Dvoretsky.
      Note that the programs and training methods are all based on ChessBase software so the book is really only good if you use Chessbase software. If you own any of their products then this book is a must.

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