Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly Deals by ChessOK!

From September 12 to September 18, the following special offers are available on

If you order products for more than $120/€100, choose one download programs for up to $25/€20 each as a bonus! Specify the bonus product(s) you want to receive in the comments field when filling the order form.

Download for $40 off

Download for $40 off
Other Specials:

Buy 1-year access to Lomonosov Tablebases at a 30% discount!

Buy one of 3 packages available in the Combo Packages section of their combo shop:

Complete Chess Strategy (Chess Strategy 3.0 + Chess Guide for Club Players + Chess Guide for Intermediate Players)
Complete Chess Opening (Opening Lab + Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders + How to Win Miniatures at Chess)
Complete Attack on the King (Attack on the King I + Attack on the King II + Advanced Defense).

Each of them contains 3 courses, but you only pay half the price if you order one of the packages while this offer is in effect!


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