Wednesday, February 17, 2016



     Deep HIARCS Chess Explorer is a chess database, analysis and playing program for either Windows or Apple Macintosh computers. It has an easy to use intuitive graphical interface and the HIARCS 14 engine. 
     The program comes in two versions: Deep HIARCS with the multi-core/multi-processor plus it gives you access to additional online content, including one terrabyte of endgame and opening book databases. The regular HIARCS is the single core versionand only gives you access to standard online content. Obviously, the better program for serious analysis is the deep version, but the price is higher. The GUI can use any UCI compatible engine and the pieces boards are very nice. More importantly is the easy navigation of databases, games and players plus the documentation is very thorough. 
     HIARCS is not the strongest engine on the market so it is NOT suitable for serious engine assisted correspondence play. Currently HIARCS 14 4-cpu is rated only number 21 on the SSDF 40/40 rating list with a rating of 3067. You can use any engine, but the HIARCS engine is best known for its human-like attacking playing style which for many players will make it an excellent engine for preparing for over the board play. 
     The program also supports variations, embedded text comments, annotations, diagrams and symbols. It also prints the games, complete with diagrams wherever you want them in a nice format. It also has an Openings Explorer with multi-source real-time trees and live updates from regularly updated online opening books. If you are a subscriber, you can get access to additional content. Another important feature is the books and databases provide detailed opening statistics.
     If you want to play against the computer you will probably want to use the HIARCS engine because, as mentioned, it has realistic human-like handicap levels that allow you to set Elo strength. You can choose to play rated or unrated games with adjustable time controls, or not if you don't want to play rated games. You can also choose a starting position or select the opening you want to practice against. There are also the usual coaching features that point out mistakes and suggest better moves and gives hints. One unique feature is that the program matches your ability if you improve. HIARCS allows you to set 13 levels of play in the play game mode from beginner (under 1000 elo) to World Champion (over 2800 elo). A review on Youtube can be watched HERE.
     Recommended for study and practice for OTB tournament players.

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