Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chess Apps and Books for Kindle

Kindle Chess Apps:

Chess (A Classic Game for Kindle)-Price: $2.99. Play against Kindle or challenge a friend with Pass 'N Play mode. Choose between 10 levels of difficulty and choose whether you want to play with an optional time limit to increase the challenge. You can also take back a move and save your game at any time.

Chess Genius, Android.
Compatible with: Kindle Fire. Amazon customer rating: 4 1/2 stars -Price: $4.99. Has 33 playing levels. Save and load games to PGN databases, copy and paste PGN games to clipboard.  Has features like Tutor, Hints, and Chess Clocks.

Chess Free, Android.
Compatible with: Kindle Fire. Price: $0.00. Ten levels. There's also a complete chess-move manual included for those completely unfamiliar with the game. The app also has a two-player mode.

Chess Premium, Android. Compatible with: Kindle Fire. Price: $0.99.  Supports both one-player and two-players.  Undo moves and automatic saves.

iChess for Android,
Compatible with: Kindle Fire. Price: $0.00.  Over 1100 puzzles with three levels of difficulty. If you're stuck, you can ask for a hint and you can also analyze puzzles you've already solved. A scorecard keeps track of your progress, including number of solved puzzles and hints used. Some puzzles are positions from actual Grandmaster chess tournaments.


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